In Jabalia, 1500-year-old Byzantine church opens after being discovered by chance


In the presence of several Islamic and Christian figures, The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities opened the Byzantine church in Gaza, discovered northeast of Jabalia during excavations to pave Salah El-Din Street.

The church covers an area of 800 square meters, and the oldest text found inside dates back to 444 AD, during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II.

This church is one of the most important churches in the Levant, because it has 16 biblical texts in the ancient Latin language, as well as integrated architectural elements of the basilica system with the three arcades and the mosaic floor, with many decorations of geometric, plant and human shapes, cooking tools, and pets and predators from Palestine and abroad.

Names of three bishops were mentioned in the church’s founding texts; Bishop Zenobius, Marcianos, and Sergius. Bishop Marcianos is the most prominent among them, as most of the church was built during his rule.

The church was exposed to aerial bombardment during the incursions carried out by the occupation forces in Jabalia in the past years, which resulted in the fall of the exterior wall.


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