Former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri suspends his political career


Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced that his choice, after the assassination of his father, Rafik Hariri, was to precede his political project, rather than keeping the Hariri family in politics.

He added that irrespective of the project, principles, and circumstances, and as a matter of assuming responsibility, he is convinced that there is no place for any positive opportunity in Lebanon amid the Iranian influence, international confusion, national division, sectarianism, and state fragility. Accordingly; Former Prime Minister Hariri announced that he suspended his involvement in political activities, calling the Future Movement to take the same step.

Hariri pointed out that he will not run for the upcoming parliamentary elections, or from the Future Movement, pledging, at the end of his speech his commitment to serve the people and country, adding that his decision means suspending any direct role or responsibility in the authority, the parliament, and politics.

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