Mongolian is heading to export it’s sheep wool fertilizer to Europe

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The national manufacturer Monpellets LLC produces 100% organic fertilizer granules from sheep’s wool and exports them to European markets in addition to domestic delivery. The company’s director, B. Tsogbadrakh, said: Union and the German government. The quality fertilizer was created in 10 years of work: “He spent a lot of time researching and experimenting and finally built the factory in Mongolia after it was confirmed in Germany that the fertilizer has a high nitrogen content and is of good quality.” Quality. The company opened its factory in autumn 2018 and has been exporting its products to Germany since last year. He has also started working with local pastoralists, farmers and businesses. Free organic fertilizer made by turning wool into pellets without water to Turkey. Product samples from France, Great Britain and other European countries were also requested. The product is the first organic product to be listed by the Swiss Research Institute for Organic Agriculture in Mongolia.

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