Canada military’s second-in-command resigns over golf game

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The Canadian military’s second-in-command has resigned after playing golf with the country’s former defence chief, who is under investigation for sexual misconduct.

Lieutenant General Mike Rouleau said he invited General Jonathan Vance to play golf “to ensure his wellness”.

In his former role, Lt Gen Rouleau had authority over military investigators looking at the case against Gen Vance.

Lt Gen Rouleau said the pair did not discuss details of the investigation.

But he admitted that his decision had “intensified recent events and contributed to further erosion of trust” in the military.

Gen Vance, who retired in January, has denied the sexual misconduct claims made against him.

News about the golf game broke last weekend in local news outlets The Globe and Mail and Global News.

In a letter, Lt Gen Rouleau acknowledged that, on 2 June, he played golf in Ottawa with Gen Vance and the commander of the Canadian navy, Vice Admiral Craig Baines.


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