New ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Mongolia takes office


Mr. ZaferAteş said in his speech: “Dear Turkish citizen, dear friend from Mongolia, I am honored and happy to serve as the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Mongolia from April 12, 2021.

Friendly and fraternal Mongolia declared Turkey as the “third neighboring country” according to its foreign policy doctrine adopted in 2011.

The inscription written in ancient Turkic alphabet contains the words “Turkic” and “Turkic nation” for the first time, and it is located in the geographic area of ​​Mongolia. Maintaining and promoting this heritage of establishing common historical and cultural ties with Mongolia is also one of our priorities. Based on this goal, I hope to further strengthen our existing cooperation with the respected Mongolian Statutory.

Absolutely, our potential trade volume is 30-40 million U.S. dollars, which is far from reflecting the actual potential.

When providing consular services to our citizens and Mongolian friends, 7/24 quality, speed and accessibility will continue to be our main principles. In this regard, your valuable comments and suggestions will always be welcomed.

I can have the opportunity to express my best wishes and greetings to our citizens and Mongolian friends on behalf of myself and the staff of the embassy. “

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