15 Myanmar immigrants arrested


An official said that on Tuesday morning, 15 Burmese immigrants, eight men and seven women, were pointed out by military patrols in the forest near Funanlong Village in Meng District.

The information provided by the village informant deployed by the Surasses repatriation force led to the correction of illegal immigration.

The immigrants did not bring any travel or identification documents.

They said they departed from Dawei town in Myanmar on April 10 and crossed the border to Phu Nam Ron village on Tuesday morning. They have paid 10,000-15,000 baht to Myanmar’s job intermediaries. They will be taken in a vehicle from the village to Suphan Buri.

The leader said that while they were waiting, they were rounded up by soldiers.

They were initially accused of entering the country illegally and violating the order of the Provincial Infectious Disease Commission.

The official said that the continuing unrest and military repression in Myanmar is partly due to the continued immigration into Thailand.

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