Gold Exchange Association calls for nationwide gold trading in Vietnam

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The Vietnam Gold Trade Association (VGTA) proposes to establish a national gold exchange in HàNội or HCM to link national gold prices with international gold prices, thereby eliminating illegal gold trading. floor. More and more people mobilize gold, reduce cash transactions, and avoid tax losses in the country. The association put forward further recommendations to update the legal policies and governance mechanisms of the gold mining industry. She proposed to the government and the National Assembly to abolish gold jewellery and fines. Produce art from the list of conditional business areas, and consider allowing gold companies to import gold materials to ensure that there are sufficient raw materials to produce the gold company’s license. Since the decree was promulgated nearly ten years ago, it has been announced in the spirit of international integration. The National Bank decided to monopolize the production of gold bars, instead of making SJC gold bars as an exclusive brand as it is now, thinking that allowing multiple companies to produce gold bars will help establish fair and fair competition in the market. The market creates advantages for customers when buying gold.

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