Workers should be better taken care of: President of Vietnam

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Chairman Nguyen Xuan Phuc called on ministries, agencies, municipalities, political unions and companies to better protect and protect the rights and legitimate rights and interests of trade unionists and workers at the ceremony on the 135th anniversary of International Labor Day. (May 1) On Wednesday, President Fokker praised the measures taken by union members and workers across the country to develop companies, institutions, departments, and even the country, and pointed out that the working class is growing. Pioneer in realizing national ambitions. “We understand the challenges faced by workers in Vietnam and around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers are forced to deal with unemployment, declining incomes and many difficulties in life. According to Fokker, the party and the country have taken measures while rebuilding the economy. Effective measures to combat this epidemic. Human resources are expected to increase again and new jobs will be created in the future, which will contribute to the country’s rapid and sustainable growth. With this in mind, he emphasized the need for the Vietnam Alliance Develop an action plan. … the implementation of the resolution passed at the 13th National Congress, which stated that the plan should promote the central and innovative role of workers across the country. The president said that at all levels Trade union organizations need to update their working methods to better safeguard and protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.At the meeting, Nguyen Dinh Han, chairman of the General Federation of Labor of Vietnam, emphasized the great contribution of the working class to the development of the Vietnamese revolution. According to him, VGCL chose the theme of “Unity, Innovation, Overcoming Difficulties, and Development in 2021”. Khan said that workers across the country have initiated more than 245,000 initiatives under the federal initiative.

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