The Hi Van Pass in Vietnam is one of the most beautiful routes in the world.

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The Hoi Van Pass in Da Nang, a coastal town in central Vietnam, was named one of the ten most beautiful tours in the world by the famous American magazine Travel + Leisure. The Pentagon Automotive Group (PMG) Instagram data analysis tool created PMG, analyzed more than 7 million Instagram tags to find the most impressive route in the world, and divided the number of images of the selected route based on the length of the route. The Khi Wan Pass is 20 kilometers long and has 2,686 images per kilometer, ranking fourth on the list. It comes after the Great Ocean Road (Australia), Big Sur (California) and Jebel Hafit (United Arab Emirates). Jonathan Lingham, chief marketing officer of the Pentagon Automotive Group, told the magazine: “Although international travel is imminent, travel is still important because of the luxury and convenience of our bicycles.” Since there are so many travel purposes in the world We really want to know which route is officially considered the most beautiful. From the UK to Australia, from Norway to the United States, many notable road trip lists from all over the world prove that anyone can get in the car and embark on an epic adventure. “In Travel + Leisure magazine, Jeremy Clarkson, the former host of the British motor sports TV show Top Gear, described the Bay Pass as “one of the best coastal roads in the world.” “The weather conditions are dim, and a PMG search found that the pass has more than 55,000 photos uploaded on the website that have been uploaded to Instagram, becoming one of the most popular photo spots for tourists.The mouth of Qiwan Pass is about 20 kilometers long and 500 m above sea level. It is located on National Road 1A, about 80 kilometers from the center of Huu in the south and more than 20 kilometers from the center of Da Nang in the north. Crossing Buhma Mountain. It stretches from Changsong Mountain to the sea and forms a natural boundary between Thaa Tien Hue Province and Sa Nong City. One side of the pass is dense jungle, and the other side is the sea. Compared with the ribbon that spans the world.

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