A man shot himself in while cleaning a gun Thailand

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On Tuesday night, a man was shot dead at his home in Man County while cleaning up a rifle  his son said his father was a BB guns fan and has many gun collections.

Thammarat’s son, Thirasit, 17, said he was playing computer games with friends and his father was cleaning guns on the other side of the room.
He called the police for help after hearing a loud gunshot sound.
At about 10 pm, police and medical personnel were called into the building.
They found 42-year-old Thammarat Kaewkomonman lying on the floor in a coma. His bullet wounded his side, and there was an exit hole in the other side of  his chest.
Police investigators said that it appears that Mr. Tamarat had forgotten to make sure to put down his rifle before cleaning up and accidentally shot himself. The investigation continues.

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