1458 new cases in Thailand and 2 deaths

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Two new Covid-19-related deaths and 1,458 new infections occurred in Thailand. The number of deaths in Thailand increased to 110 and the number of cases increased to 46,643.
Covid-19 Youth Management Center representative Apisamai Srirangson said on Wednesday that the 109th death was a 56-year-old woman from Bangkok, Thailand. She suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic renal failure and obesity.
The woman had a cough and fever on April 10. She was tested for Covid-19 on April 13, and the result was positive the next day.
X-ray examination revealed severe lung inflammation. On Monday, her respiratory system malfunctioned and she died the same day.
The 110-year-old deceased was a 32-year-old Thai man from Nonthaburi Province. He suffers from allergies and has been in contact with him since the Covid case has been confirmed since April 4.
Dr. Apisamai said that on April 8, he had a fever and blood in his sputum when he coughed. This is a recent common symptom. On April 15, he became tired and was hospitalized the next day.
X-ray examination revealed severe lung inflammation. His condition deteriorated and he died on Monday.
The 1,458 new cases confirmed on Tuesday include 1,454 local infections and 4 isolated entrants from Japan (replaced a Japanese, a Thai) and Malaysia (a Thai woman).
Of the 1,454 cases of local infection, 1,346 cases were confirmed in the hospital, and 108 cases were found through large-scale community testing.
Dr. Apisamai said that just this month, there were 4329 cases in the capital, and the total number of cases reported by neighboring provinces was 2,656.
She said: “Many of the new cases are people who have been in contact with previously confirmed cases, which has increased the number of infections among family members and local communities.”
Of the 46,643 total cases, 29,371 (63%) have recovered, including 413 discharged in the past 24 hours and 17,162 seen in the hospital.

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