Another 33 hotels received safe travel stamps in Philippines

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In the end, a total of 40 hotels in the Philippines received the “Safe Travel Stamps” of the World Travel and Tourism Guide (WTTC), which shows that the number of tourist places that have adopted the global sanitation standardization agreement has increased.
On Wednesday, the Ministry of Tourism submitted stamps to 33 hotels and resorts in six regions, including 16 in Cebu and Bohol, nine in Palawan, three in Boracay, three in Zamboanga, and one in Baguio City. One with Davao City.
The total number of recipients reached 40, including seven accommodations that received “safe travel stamps” earlier this year.
The WTTC Safe Travel Stamp is the world’s first safety and sanitation stamp for governments and businesses to make travelers aware of the implementation of global health and safety regulations during a pandemic.
The Philippines received a stamp in September 2020 for the health and safety guidelines that comply with the core requirements of WTTC.
The Minister of Tourism said: “In March, we received 100 applications from different regions. This surge in interest reflects their readiness to adapt to the new normal and their eagerness to be recognized globally as an interesting and’safe travel’ facility. .” Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said at the award ceremony.
“Now that the country’s vaccination plan is in full swing, we expect that parallel operations on a global scale will accelerate the recovery of international travel. As early as now, we need to prepare our facilities and destinations for tourists Being able to enjoy health and wellness anytime, anywhere. Safety is the key issue.”
She added: “In addition to obtaining our certification, the placement of WTTC Safe Travel Stamps hopes to restore travelers’ confidence in the Philippines as a “safe and interesting” destination.”
At the press conference, Romulo-Puyat reiterated that stamps are not a necessary condition for the hotel to operate under the new normal, but to become a hotel, it must have the opportunity to gain global popularity through the huge network of WTTC member organizations.
She said: “All we need is to obtain DOT certification, but of course I encourage everyone to apply for the certification, because it is like a seal of approval. It is completely DOT certification and your approval is required.”
The latest hotels to be stamped are:
-Rockwell’s Aruga
-Grand Hyatt Manila
-Manila Joy Nostalg Hotel and Suites
-Soler Resort
-Manila Peninsula
-Baguio Country Club
-Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay
-Manor at John Hay Camp
-Palawan El Nido
-Casa Kalaw (El Nido, Palawan Island)
-Paradise Club (Palawan Island, Coron)
-El Nido Resort-Apulit Island Resort
-El Nido Resort-Lagen Island Resort
-El Nido Resort-Miniloc Island Resort
-El Nido Resort-Pangulasian Island Resort
-Kovo Hotel (El Nido, Palawan)
-Huni Lio (El Nido, Palawan)
-Amarilla Resort (Bohol Island, Bohol Island)
-Amun Ini Resort and Spa (Anda, Bohol)
-The White Hotel (Mandawi City, Cebu)
-Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort (Bohol Island, Bohol Island)
-Bohol Coastal Club (Panglao, Bohol)
-Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa (Mactan)
-Suite C of the New Town No. 8 Hotel (Lapp-Lapp City)
-Jpark Island Resort and Water Park (Lapu-Lapu City)
-Modara Beach Resort (Bohol Island, Bohol Island)
-Mithi Resort and Spa (Dauis, Bohol)
-Plantation Bay Resort and Spa (Lapu-Lapu City)
-Tamboli Beach Resort (Lapu Lapu City)
-Bellevue Resort (Bohol Island, Panglao)
-Elizabeth Hotel (Cebu)
-CES Hotel Waterfront Airport
-Cebu City Waterfront Shopping Center
-Astoria Hotel (Zamboanga City)
-Camilla 2 Hotel (Dipolog City)
-Mibon Hotel (Dipolog City)
-Seda Abreeza Hotel (Davao City)

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