418 Covid-19 patients have severe symptoms, 100 of which come from breathing masks

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The Ministry of Health of Thailand announced on Saturday that out of 22,327 Covid-19 hospital patients, 418 had severe symptoms and 113 had respirators. Bangkok reported the most severe cases at 45, followed by Samut Prakan with nine, Chonburi with eight and Nonthaburi with six. Bangkok reported 740 new cases in the province on Friday, adding to the total. 5,515, the highest in Thailand. On Saturday, the department reported 2,839 new infections, the highest in the country in 24 hours since the outbreak last year. “Among them, 2,523 were from suspicious patients, 304 were from active searches, and 12 were from foreign patients.” In the country, in the past 24 hours, the number has risen to 53,022 patients, with 129 deaths, of which 8 People died. “

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