Three people were killed in a fire in Pattani, Thailand

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After the attacker opened fire, two transporters caught fire. When the attackers opened fire on a burning vehicle in the Sayburi area on Saturday morning, three family members were killed and two trucks caught fire. Sabri police said that the attack took place at 42 Pattani Narathiwat Street in Tambon Laharna, and they were alerted at around 6:30 in the morning. Agents who arrived at the scene found two people dead in one of the burning trucks, and the other was seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital. However, it was announced that the victim was later identified as 58-year-old Suporn Kittiprapanan and was found dead in the car. The driver’s seat had gunshot wounds to the head and body, and his daughter Jiraporn Kittiprapanan suffered severe burns. Died in the hospital. More than 30 used M19 cartridges and 9mm ammunition were found on the street. According to the police, the three family members are travelling to Songkhla by foam and plastic from the Hat Yai area in the Hat Yai area of ​​their Toyota Hilux Vigo. They are ready to deliver the goods to customers in Narathiwat Province.While passing through Tambon Laharne, the four attackers suddenly encountered a van on two motorcycles and the passengers opened fire on them. As a result of the attack, Mr. Bandit approached the truck, opened fire again, poured gasoline on the truck and caught fire. The attacker escaped. No information was provided about the second car that was allegedly burnt down. The police and military in the 9th district inspected the site on Saturday and ordered a search for the attackers. The police said they initially believed that the attack was related to sectarian unrest, which has swept through three southern border provinces in the past two decades.

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