The GPO Thailand chief explains issues regarding Sinovac shelf life

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The National Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) has addressed some social media concerns about the expiration date of the Sinovac vaccine. According to reports, the expiration date of some Sinovac vaccine packages provided to health care workers and volunteers has been crossed out, and there may be “this misunderstanding”, GPO CEO Dr. Witun Dunwibun on Friday. “Vaccines usually expire after three years from the date of production. However, the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set an expiration date for the Covid-19 vaccine, and the vaccine will be used in Thailand within six months. “Contact the manufacturer. , To change the expiration date accordingly, but means that it can be executed from the second batch. He added that there is an initial expiration date when shipped to Thailand. The expiration date is on the box, but we believe it may be official, Wheaton added that the second batch of 800,000 cans will be in the box with a six-month expiration date and a scannable QR code to read the instructions He said: “Replacement of boxes and labels will not affect the quality of the vaccine.”

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