4 people were killed and 13 injured in the Philippines

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The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee (NDRRMC) reported on Thursday that the death toll caused by Typhoon Bixin has risen to four.

The agency said in the latest news that the number of injured has also increased from 10 to 13.

According to reports, casualties occurred in the Bicol, Central Visayas, East Visayas and Davao areas.

A total of 60,601 families or 235,752 people were affected by the typhoon in 965 long islands in the Cagayan Valley, Bicol, Eastern Mishaya and Garaga.

Among them, 252 evacuation centers have provided assistance to 4,511 families or 18,603 people, while 6,269 families or about 24,470 people have sought asylum with their family and friends.

In Bicol, Mishaya East and Caracas, the number of resettlement of damaged houses was 1,030, of which 86 were classified as completely damaged and 944 were classified as partially damaged.

It is estimated that the agricultural losses in Bicol and the eastern Mishaya region exceeded 211 million pesos.

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