Volunteers set up the first community food store in Koronadal-Philippines

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A converged community food pantry, the city’s first pantry, opened on Thursday in the General Santos Avenue business district, attracting some people to continue responding to residents’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) .
One of the core promoters of the pantry, Jessie Cruz, said: “We did get inspiration from the Luzon-initiated trigger, so we think that if they can do it, we can do it too. Do it there. We are here to present our own plan.”
The team named the food pantry “Buliganay”, which means Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, which means “help each other.”
Cruz, chairman of the Southern Cotabato Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview that they collected donations of rice, canned food, vegetables and other food from local businesses and other local people.
He said that since the potential was posted on Facebook a few days ago, donations have been pouring in, and some people noticed that someone was sharing anything.
“In terms of donations, we have never encountered any problems. Many people are always willing to share.” He said.
According to an announcement made by the organization on its Facebook page, the pantry is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm on Thursday.
Leonarda Cabayles, 44, was one of the first residents serving the pantry. She said that she arrived at the scene at 5:30 in the morning after a local radio station was aware of the incident.
Give her a small bag of food, including a bag of rice, two cans of canned food, two bags of noodles, five eggs and other items.
Honey Salilama, 23, is pregnant with her second child. She said she gave a speech on Facebook.
This young mother from Barangay 3 District thanked the organizers for their initiative and determined the priority of the department.
She said: “This really helps my family a lot.”
Cruz said they don’t expect many people to get help from the pantry, which is open to everyone.
He said they will continue to seek help from breakthroughs, especially among businesses, to maintain the community’s food storage.

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