Syria – The Profession of ancestors is endangered, Water shortage promises to lose buffaloes in Hasakah Governorate

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Derik- Hasakah 02/11/2020 Buffalo breeding has declined in Hasakah, north-eastern Syria, because of its vulnerability to perdition due to the water shortage that contributes to its weakness, as well as the scarcity of fodder and its high prices. Recently, Buffalo breeders in Derik, southern of Hasakah, have complained about the difficulties of raising buffaloes, the lack of medicine, fodder, and required water in particular, as winter is approaching. This forces them to sell several buffalos to ensure the expenses of basic life need. Raising buffaloes in Hasaka and its countryside is an inherited profession decades earlier, however, the death of some buffaloes as a result of malnutrition, others were sold to slaughter by farmers.  

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