Jordanian Ministry of Culture organizes regional workshop on children’s theater


The National Center for Culture and Arts organized a regional workshop in Amman to discuss the content of children’s theater in partnership with the City Artists Network and the International Association for Children and Youth Theater (ASSITEJ).

The workshop was held under the title “The specificity of form, content and language in children’s theater for the age group from 4 to 10 years”.

It aims to study in depth the content, form and language of children’s theater and how to use the best creative methods and strategies.

The event also focused on the diversity and differences in vocabulary and dialects among Arab countries and their impact on communication in children’s theater. The workshop was held in conjunction with the Jordan Theater Festival, featuring actors, dancers, musicians, directors and writers interested in children’s theater in Jordan, as well as guests from Arab countries.

The workshop activities included holding dialogue sessions that address the specificity of form and content in children’s theater between theory and practice, the Arabic language and the diversity of dialects, still and moving images, and creative movement and dance arts.

The sessions were led by specialized professors including Lina Al-Tal, Muhannad Al-Nawafleh, Gandhi Saber, Rania Kamhawi, Hakim Harb and Safi Al-Sakran.

A dialogue session was also held on best practices in children’s theater and practical applications in creating short theatrical scenes suitable for children, led by specialized professors from different Arab countries: Marian Solmani from Lebanon, Nicola Zarina from Palestine, Samar Jalal from Egypt, and Muhannad Al-Nawafila from Jordan.

The King Hussein Foundation’s National Center for Culture and Arts has represented ASSITEJ in Jordan since 2003.

It is a global network established in 1965 as a global consortium of professional theater for children and youth to create links between thousands of theaters, institutions and artists in 100 countries around the world.

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