Syrian refugee determined to realize his dream of creating world’s largest Holy Quran


Visual artist, Riyad Al-Radi, has returned again to work on his project of creating the world’s largest version of Holy Quran made entirely out of wood, after the parts he had created were destroyed and burnt during the events of 2011 in Syria.

Artist Al-Radi, Syrian refugee living in Jordan, told A24 he wants to register his work after its completion in the Guinness Book of World Records by drawing the attention of non-Arabic speakers to the Holy Quran and its content, noting that the project will be presented using an electronic engineering design that turns the wood panels.

Each page is made entirely out of wood as wood panels with a height of 3 meters, a width of 1.85 meters and a weight of 100 kilograms. The total weight of the book after completion will be about 30,000 kilograms.

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