Tunisians welcome arrest of ex-prime minister on suspicion of money laundering


Tunisian people welcome the arrest of former prime minister Hamadi Jebali along with two others on suspicion of money laundering. They said Jebali, who is also a former senior member in the Ennahda party, and the others should be held accountable for such crimes. Jebali’s family said in a statement on Facebook that police in the city of Sousse seized the phones of Jebali and his wife, and then took him to an unknown location on Thursday. Official spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Fadhila Khlifi told a news conference that major cash flows from unauthorized activity were detected through the bank account of Namaa Tunisia Association. she accused the association of a number of highly suspicious financial operations. The spokesperson said computers, electronic devices and bank statements confirming they received money from abroad were also seized during Jebali’s arrest. Jebali was prime minister in 2012 and resigned in 2013 following a political crisis.


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