Al-Basha Palace houses antiquities and manuscripts from different eras


Nariman Khalla, a tour guide at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, receives visitors, university students, foreign tourists, and archeologists, to show them archaeological sites in Gaza and tell them the history of artifacts in the Strip.

Nariman who manages Al-Basha Palace Museum, which is one of the oldest archaeological palaces in Gaza, warned of the impact of destruction operations that archaeological sites are exposed to, whether during wars, or new construction operations, where people demolish some of the monuments for to reconstruct modern houses, which is a direct threat to the heritage and archaeological sites in Palestine and Gaza.

In addition to these threats, according to Nariman, excavation workers face challenges during the discovery of antiquities, most notably the lack of equipment for excavation.

She said that all the discoveries have been done by pure chance, such as discovering an archaeological site during the paving of the streets. Nariman pointed out that the last discovery was when a farmer was plowing his land.

He found ahead a statue belonging to the goddess Anath, the goddess of love, beauty, and war in the Canaanite mythology, which dates back to 4500 BC.


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