SL ranked 31st in Global Climate Risk Index

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Sri Lanka ranked 109th in the ‘Global Climate Risk Index’ in 2017 as a country with a high risk of weather disasters and ranked 31st in the 2019 index, Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said.

The Minister expressed these views at a media briefing held at the Ministry today over the problems that have arisen due to the current weather risks in Sri Lanka.

The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) estimates that 30% to 38% of the country’s population lives in landslide-prone areas, which is about 20%–30% of the total land area.

“Many parts of the island have been inundated due to the recent deluge. Floods and landslides, also have taken a heavy toll on people’s lives. According to the rainfall, data received yesterday (Nov. 9), several areas have received in excess of 200 mm of rainfall, ” he said.

“We cannot make weather forecasts like rain is likely to intensify in the next few days. The cause for all this is a result of global warming. I saw in the media a heavy flood situation in India too. We are a small country, ours does not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. But, we cannot get rid of the influences in the world, ” he said.

We also have a responsibility to protect our environment. Deforestation and arson in mountainous areas could lead to landslides.

Therefore, it should not be forgotten that even though our country is a small country according to the Global Weather Risk Index, it has reached the peak of that weather risk, the Minister said.


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