Folk Activities to Support Social Cohesiveness in Syria


With the aim of integrating the different societies in north and east Syria and strengthening social Cohesiveness, in participation of all regional societal components and to give a space for each component to introduce its culture and heritage of art, singing, and traditional dances to revive the regional folklore, DemoS Organization took the gesture to hold an event named ‘We are all part of a whole’ Assyrian, Kurdish and Arab folklore groups attended the event that is held In different areas of the cities and villages of northern and eastern Syria, where ‘Barkin troupe’ presented a number of Kurdish folk songs, which is an old-style of singing in Derik, Al-Malikiyah area in far northeast Syria, and it is a lyrical style that is almost disappearing, and ‘Barkin troupe’ is trying to preserve it through its band, which is doing its best to preserve this lyrical style from being lost. ‘Ornina troupe’ also participated in its dances, through which it expressed the Assyrian Syriac heritage, while several Arab bands from the Qamishli countryside participated to enrich the event with Arab culture and Arab heritage.

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