A great increase in Vietnamese goods on foreign shelves


While there are more Vietnamese products on the shelves of overseas supermarkets, companies still have a few challenges to overcome if they want to improve their brand image. Agricultural and food products that came onto the Japanese market were required to undergo animal and plant quarantine in addition to complying with Japanese environmental hygiene regulations. Vietnamese trade advisor in Japan Tạ Đức Minh suggested that Vietnamese companies document the links from production and preservation to transportation, adhering to Japanese norms on standards if they want to improve their presence and then expand in the Japanese market. Manufactured through middlemen, Vietnamese companies should try to work directly with Japanese importers to add value to their brands. Minh suggested that companies wishing to enter the Japanese market should first attend trade shows and exhibitions in Japan to find new partners and learn about consumer trends. For the United States, another lucrative market for Vietnamese products, Vince Trần, a representative of Walmart supermarkets in Vietnam, advised Vietnamese companies to dig deeper into the American consumer market and said they should develop products that cater to American tastes Consumer-tailored and ensure that its production capacity is large enough to produce goods at competitive prices.

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