Will Cambodia grow Cannabis for export to the United States?

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Yamato Green is a Japanese company discussing the possibility of growing marijuana in Cambodia for export to Japan and the United States. Veng Sakhon, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries met on June 14, with the CEO of the Japanese company Yamato Green. While they discussed the possibility of an investment association to develop the productivity, production and export of marijuana plants. The company says marijuana is a health care medicinal plant and medicine. Yamato Green says many companies are interested in investing in Cambodia, which they bring seeds from the US and finished products to the US and Japan. The company added that Thailand and Korea are currently licensed for cultivation, processing and exporting to the United States and Japan on technical and scientific contract terms.

Yamato Green’s mission satement says: “Yamato Green Co., Ltd believes that agriculture and food processing are essential for the revival of the Cambodian economy and the creation of a hopeful society. And what Yamato Green Co., Ltd wants to do is to create the agricultural system of the future and to make agriculture more productive and to make Japanese brands with the highest quality and credibility to promote Cambodian products to the world.

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