Vietnam Gov’t: we must Keep away from excessive COVID-19 measures that disrupt commercial enterprise and manufacturing

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Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chinh on Saturday issued a message to local ministries and agencies to prevent excessive COVID-19 measures that are adversely affecting commercial and productive activities, the message showing that several places have taken distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, others have taken steps to manage people returning to or arriving from regions affected by the outbreak. However, some have taken “rigid, even extreme, measures” that severely affect business and production, and threaten to cause supply chain disruptions during the year The move came almost a day after southern Đồng Nai Province released an express shipment early Friday , which calls on all returning or arriving people from the city of HCM, which is subject to a two-week city-wide social distancing order, to avoid a serious COVID. contain. -19 outbreak – from Saturday at home or in central facilities (fees are borne by the person in quarantine). ent caused considerable backlash between the companies in HCM City and Đồng Nai, as many workers and experts commute between the two neighboring cities on a daily basis. ng Nai issued a review early Saturday lifting the mandatory quarantine for workers, experts and employees who lived in HCM City but worked in Đồng Nai or vice versa.

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