A child was killed by Landmine in Tedim, Chin State, while five adults were killed in shelling by the Burmese army in Mindat, Chin State.

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7000 people Now is Hiding in Mindat Area Alone

On 15 May, the Free Burma Ranger Chin team aided a defecting Burma Army soldier, helping move him to a safe area. He told the team that many soldiers want to escape but they cannot get an opportunity.

16 May, The Burma Army killed five civilians while shelling the town of Mindat, in Chin State, western Burma. Many residents fled and Burma Army soldiers have been destroying and looting civilian homes the town.

On the same day, in Tedim Town, north of Mindat, the Burma Army shot and killed a civilian, 27-year-old Go Sian Mung. He was driving home from work on his motorbike when Burma Army soldiers shot him dead.

Also on 16 May in Chin State, between Hakha and Falam towns on the national highway near Chancung Village, the Burma Army shot and killed one member of the Chin Defense Force, named Van Biak Ling.

18 May 2021, Tedim Town, Chin State: A nine-year-old boy named Muan Lian Sang was killed by a landmine.

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