Vietnamese spokesperson prepares to help India cope with the COVID-19 challenge

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The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, Le Tutuhon, said that Vietnam is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in India and stands ready to support the government and people in difficult times. Hong said that the situation in India and the protection measures for Vietnamese citizens living there, the Vietnamese Embassy in India said that the pandemic has developed in a complex manner and has had a negative impact on the lives of local residents. He said the epidemic has led to an increase in the number of medical equipment and drugs, as well as an acceleration in the production of COVID-19 vaccines. Hang said: “We believe that with the efforts of the Indian government, the situation will soon be controlled and stabilized.” These agencies and airlines worked closely together to arrange flights for nearly 1,000 people. Vietnamese citizens returned home safely. There are currently about 100 Vietnamese citizens living in India. The Vietnamese mission in India is closely coordinating with domestic and Indian authorized authorities to pay close attention to the epidemic, maintain communication channels with Vietnamese citizens, and prepare to take necessary measures to protect citizens. Vietnamese authorities made a hotline for help or information about the difficulties encountered by Vietnamese citizens, the hotline is  +91-7303-625-588 to contact the embassy, ​​or to call +84-981-848-484 to contact the citizen protection service.

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