Two districts in Thailand – Nakhon Ratchasima are partially quarantined, with 42 new Covid-19 cases

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After the Northeast Province reported 42 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, the partial closure of Pak Chong and Buya counties is currently being reviewed. Governor Wichien Chantaranothai said that the coronavirus outbreak in the province is worrying, especially in the Pak Chong and Buyai regions. A group of disease researchers checked whether the new infection came from a new population. If a new group is identified, blockades must be set up in two areas to control traffic. The governor said in a conference call that it will focus on a few drums rather than the entire area. …On Tuesday, Nakhon Ratchasima Province reported 42 new Covid-19 cases: 20 in Muang District, 15 in Pak Chong District, and 3 in Bua Yai and Sikhiu. In the county, in Wan Nam Khieo district, one case rose to 509, of which 112 were recovered and 396 remained in the hospital. One person died. 27 out of 32 districts. Mr. Wischen said that people who come to the province should inform medical volunteers or local leaders in the areas they visit, reveal their schedule and wear masks. These measures will immediately initiate legal proceedings.The governor said that the new measures are aimed at protecting local residents and medical staff in the province and will take effect immediately. As part of a large-scale trial in Nakhon Ratchasima, three patent-sponsored mobile biosecurity teams have been sent to test Covid-19. One mobile unit worked outside the provincial office on Tuesday, while the other two were shipped out. -Risk areas. A total of 1,005 people registered for the test on Tuesday. From April 23 to 27, there were 4,315 people. Nasal swabs were collected at the mobile station and 11 cases were found to be infected.

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