Vietnamese Prime Minister meets with Indonesian President Widodo before the ASEAN Summit

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During his visit on Friday, Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Minh Chin visited Indonesian President Yoko Widodo before his first overseas visit and the first diplomatic meeting of ASEAN leaders, which was eagerly awaited on Saturday. Chin was elected as the first leader of the Vietnamese government and also the country’s first ASEAN head to the Indonesian summit. Joko Widodo welcomed and congratulated President Chin for winning the trust of the head of government elected by the National Assembly of Vietnam, and expressed admiration for Vietnam’s achievements in preventing and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as economic recovery and development. Hard work. The head of state of Indonesia said that Indonesia attaches great importance to relations with Vietnam and hopes to raise traditional friendship and strategic partnership to a new level. Prime Minister Chin praised Indonesia’s efforts to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus and expressed his belief that in the face of these challenges, as Indonesia’s 2045 vision is realized, the country will soon gain the upper hand and continue its social and economic development. The Prime Minister of Vietnam shared some key points with President Joko Widodo. The result of thirteen. National Party Congress. The main direction of the 2021-25 development plan from the Communist Party of Vietnam. Looking forward to 2030-45, Vietnam will continue to pursue and actively integrate a foreign policy of independence, autonomy, multilateralism and diversification. Vietnam attaches particular importance to strengthening and expanding cooperative relations with other countries in the region (including Indonesia), which reflects the history of close ties between the two countries, namely the Prime Minister of Chin State and President Widodo. Emphasizing the importance and special significance of the Vietnam-Indonesia alliance strategy. The cornerstone of the Vietnam-Indonesia alliance is the founders of the two countries’ Presidents Ho Chi Minh and Sukarno, and they have been firmly cultivated by the leaders and people. . This has been true on both sides for the past 65 years. With the increase of political confidence and the improvement of economic, trade and investment efficiency, how can bilateral cooperation deepen? Regarding the development of bilateral relations, the heads of state and government of the two countries agreed to flexibly strengthen high-level exchanges at all levels and through various channels, and to effectively implement bilateral cooperation mechanisms and agreements, especially the association’s action plan. The 2019-2023 strategy and the shared vision of the Ministry of National Defense of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Indonesia on the cooperation of defense activities from 2017 to 2022Vietnam and Indonesia have pledged to continue to promote business development and trade development, and to resume flights as soon as possible in due course. Taking into account the balance between trade and sustainable economic development and the recovery after the pandemic, we will strive to make bilateral trade reach 10 billion U.S. dollars in a short period of time; and resolve any problems that arise in the spirit of strategic partnership and mutual benefit.

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