Under threat from neighboring countries, cities in southern Vietnam call for enhanced response to COVID

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Vice Premier Wu Zhan said yesterday at a meeting with the Regional Steering Committee for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 that the governments of southern provinces and cities need to strengthen preventive measures against COVID-19. Due to the spread of COVID-19, Vietnam’s neighboring countries are facing a difficult situation, so we must continue to strictly control immigration. Although Vietnam has dealt with this epidemic well, people should not give up preventive measures. He warned not to worry about entering illegally through the border route. If only some illegal entrants test positive for the coronavirus, and the people of the country do not comply with the risks of 5K (mask), (disinfection), (evacuation), (no meeting) and (health declaration), he said the recurrence rate of COVID Very high, so the access control should be stricter. com joins people and encourages them to enter the country, fill out health declaration forms, and severely punish those who violate the regulations to protect the country. According to him, this is necessary for people who want to return to Vietnam, who should not enter illegally and prepare for quarantine.According to him, in countries/regions with an increasing incidence of COVID, people should restrict travel and warn that the upcoming National Unification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1) will be extremely detrimental. The risk of infection, although the situation is almost the same. One month has passed since the country reported its last community-acquired coronavirus case. Nguyen Danfang, chairman of the city committee, said last month that 108 people had been found entering the city illegally from abroad. He said the city will require the Ministry of Health to approve the purchase of COVID vaccine for its population. The Vietnamese Family Front in the city has raised more than 150 billion won (US$6.5 million) from individuals and organizations to purchase vaccines. And plans to help the pharmaceutical company Nanogen produce vaccines in the case of successful clinical trials. Since February 10, the city has not spread COVID for 69 days. Check compliance with preventive measures in health centers, offices and other places to prevent the spread of diseases. Currently, more than 57,750 people have received the vaccine, of which 9,155 will receive the second injection. However, this requires more than approximately 10,000 doses. …Cham instructed Southwestern provinces and cities to speed up vaccination and increase fines for refusing to wear masks in public places.

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