The Philippine National Police destroyed more than 7,000 firearms in the rubble

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The Philippine National Police destroyed 7,371 guns at Camp Krum in Quezon City on Monday. General Debord Sinas witnessed this activity initiated by the Logistics Agency and the Eradication Committee. PNP National Headquarters. Of these, 6,338 were non-commercial repairable (BER) weapons seized or handed over to the police, and the remaining 1,033 were BER PNP weapons. According to the PNP Notice Memorandum 2017-017, destroying BER guns, explosives and ammunition is an allowable method of disposing of PNP property that cannot be sold because it may pose a threat to the public if it is not destroyed. said: “This ritual disposal of defective guns and ammunition proves a correct approach, that is, to destroy useless guns and discarded cultural relics to avoid adverse events that may endanger or endanger the lives of others. Method.” This procedure expresses the professional responsibility of the NPN to ensure that these weapons and violent methods do not fall into the arsenal of criminal and terrorist groups. The process includes cutting a single steel sheet into sections with a circular saw or blowtorch, bending and bending to deform each steel sheet, deforming the trigger and trigger assembly with a blowtorch, grinder or power tool, and cutting or shredding wood and wood chips. That punches. Parts: Metal parts cut from discarded weapons are treated as recyclable waste. According to professionals, they can be converted into harvesting tools and industrial equipment.General Angelito Casimiro, PNP Logistics Director.

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