Residents in the red zone of Cambodia need not worry, because the medical teams will conduct inspections for people in need in nearby homes where appropriate.

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This morning, the spokesperson of the Phnom Penh Hall of the capital, Met Mis Fiakdi, told the local media that after receiving many sampling offers related to the red zone, the Ministry of Health and Capital will send a medical team to take samples outside the capital. The capital will become a home for people with limited mobility. In foreign countries and in test areas prepared by the authorities. Fikdi confirmed that the Ministry of Health and Phnom Penh will deploy a team for the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, nursing mothers, nanny and patients who cannot travel to the test area. The doctor can help them by going to their home or nearby for an examination. After the Phnom Penh Metropolitan Complex was announced last night, many comments by residents of the designated red zone aroused concerns about the number of people and the number of apartments. Narrow testing center. After the outbreak, these families can no longer leave their homes.

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