Are the blackout periods in Phnom Penh and Takhmao enough to smooth the curve of rising COVID-19 cases?

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Although Phnom Penh and Tamo Island are still under strict quarantine throughout the week, strict restrictions will inevitably exist for a period of time as the number of new COVID-19 cases that occur every day climbs to triple digits during this period. By 2020, out of 500 people, the total will be less than 9,000. After the government approved the use of the rapid COVID-19 test, 3,076 people were found in isolation, most of whom were connected to clothing stores and factories. …Saturday last week. The Ministry of Health reported 655 cases, except for one case related to a public incident on February 20. There were 446 cases on Wednesday. 303 cases were reported on Tuesday, 431 cases were reported on Monday, and 624 cases were reported on Monday. Register the company. Last Sunday (Saturday, April 17) 618 cases were reported. The model that can compare the situation in Phnom Penh is Sihanoukville, where the authorities only extended the closure time by another 14 days. In the past few days, the number of infections per day in coastal provinces has risen to 100 after the provincial authorities proved successful in containing the deadly virus. The history and lessons of other countries show that taking decisive action to slow the spread of the coronavirus can help ease the curve and improve the pandemic. Dr. Howard Markel, a medical historian at the University of Michigan, said: “Strict measures are absolutely necessary because they have worked in the past.”He said: “Lightning can spread anywhere.” Now: “We must all work together to prevent incidents within us and in our communities. However, the government must develop effective responses. “Under severe lockdowns, Especially in the “red zone”, people who must live for a long time have financial and supply problems. What is really worrying is that since the mandatory test for people living in the designated red zone was announced last night, in the long run, we may reach the top five numbers by the end of this weekend. This may be the motivation for the government to shut down the country, rather than the decision of each province. Each province decides the measures to be taken with the participation of the prime minister. It can be assumed that with the passage of the “State of Emergency Law” during the Covid period last year, this is the country where the pandemic is strictly controlled. For human rights and economic reasons, in order not to offend international donors, the law was terminated, and the new law was passed and entered into force quickly. Be prepared to have documents that will enable basic services to continue working under the premise of downsizing, grocery delivery, grocery delivery, and transportation of goods across the country. Then it was not well prepared, and the closure was officially announced shortly before midnight. Are you unaware of the leaked news to prepare for the difficulties of detention centers?Would it be better to send a one-day notice to prepare for the closure? The entire capital’s market had to be closed. They are another major source of Covid-19 infection, and there are some garment factories that have become miracles and disasters for various reasons. Surprisingly, the first pollution related to the community incident on February 20 was a long incident, but then the number of cases rose to hundreds, involving 36 factories. Government officials were not spared either. Two people died of the virus. Is statewide quarantine the answer to flattening the curve, because almost all provinces of the country have been infected. Although the travel ban prohibits state-to-state travel, it’s surprising that these states still exist and become Illegal or legal, but the most important thing is that the virus caused it not! TYDA volunteers and other volunteers administer the Ministry of Health with outstanding performance. Its decision-making should be more pragmatic and rational, rather than taking unilateral actions and making unreasonable decisions for emotional reasons rather than solid medical reasons (such as the use of rapid test kits). Further testing showed more positive cases, so there was an increase. However, if these toolkits are used earlier, rather than just in April, more cases may have been detected and the problem has been resolved, rather than the virus having a place in communities across the country.Cambodia is under attack and we must act in an unconventional way to control it again and release actual numbers instead of grouping them 9

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