Rapid spread of Corona virus in Thailand


According to the main Thai News Agency, Professor Young, a virus expert at Chulalongkorn Medical College in Thailand, indicated that according to Thai media reports, Thailand had 405 confirmed cases today 4-8-2021 (391 domestic cases and 14 cases abroad(

In the past period, Thailand confirmed that it had a total of 30,310 cases, a total of 28,101 cases were treated, a total of 95 cases died, and 2,114 cases were treated medically in hospitals.

The type of new Corona virus that has spread in entertainment places this time belongs to the advanced British virus, and it is 1.7 times faster than the regular virus. Although many patients did not develop symptoms, the number of cases has increased dramatically!

In addition, Professor Young said he also has doubts about how the mutated British virus will spread to Thailand.

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