People of Kocho anticipates the identification of the remaining graves after 7 years of the Yazidi genocide

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Today, Sinjar seems to be almost empty inhabitants, with no sign of life in the whole area, while silence fills the houses and the ruins and rubble of houses built of stone and mud appears in all corners and surroundings of the old city. ISIS carried out murders and mass graves against the Yazidi people, Seven years ago, in addition to kidnapping over 5,000 civilians, the majority of them are children, women, and girls who were taken as slaves by the organization’s members for sexual exploitation and trade, in Syria and Iraq over the past years. United Nations estimates the “ISIS” attack on Sinjar on August 3, 2014, killed 1,293 Yazidis and abducted 6,417 civilians; more than half of them were women and children, displacing 360,000 to the Kurdistan region.

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