2020 Mongolia’s Corruption Perception Index Rank

0 137

Transparency International has released the 2020 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which is based on the opinions of experts and businessmen on corruption in 180 countries/regions. According to the “Corruption Perception Index”, Mongolian Transparency International CEO Batbayar talked about the level of corruption in Mongolia. He said that Mongolia scored 35 points this year. The index for 2019 is also 35. Mongolia’s Corruption Perception Index is based on a combination of corruption investigations and estimates from 9 different sources. Legal indicators, risks such as corruption and political influence in the judiciary, environmental, social, medical and economic risks, country risks, banking sector risks, economic structure risks and political risks. All these corruption-related indicators are evaluated based on the EU’s perception of the corruption index. Some values ​​in Mongolia have risen, but the values ​​of the three sources have fallen. “Justice Index”, “Global Risk Report 2021” and “EIU 2020 Country Risk Service.” For example, the “Global Risk Report 2021” assesses environmental risks, public health risks, and the ability to respond to epidemics.In other words, a country with this risk is considered corrupt. One source of the decline in the value of the Corruption Perception Index is the 2020 Global Justice Index. The corruption of the justice index and the decline in political influence contributed to this. This means that the judiciary has created a legal environment in which corruption may occur and the ability to decide the direction of politicians. In this interview, he emphasized the performance that Mongolia needs to improve: the adoption of the Political Party Law, the State-owned Industry Law and the Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers Who Reveal Corruption. The “Mining Transparency and Problem Solving Measures and Laws” provides a legal basis for disclosing information about end users and beneficiaries and ensuring purchases. Competitiveness has increased by 1-2 points, which is affected by the following indicators. For example, Mongolia has been removed from the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force and its credit rating has also been improved.

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