The Yemeni army liberates towns in western Hajjah from the Houthi militia

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On Friday, the Yemeni army forces have made considerable advances in a military operation on the ground in Hajjah governorate, western the country. The Yemeni army forces accomplished incursion in the center of the “Abs” directorate, one of the largest directorates in Hajjah overlooking the Red Sea, and liberated many civilian towns, during an offensive operation against the Houthi militia’s areas, western the governorate. The commander of the 105th Brigade in the 5th Military area, Major General Taha Al-Omari, stated that the offensive operation led to the liberation of more than 10 towns of the “Bani Hassan” clan in Abs directorate. It has also succeeded in blocking the way linking the “Mustaba” directorate and “Bani Hassan” clan as well as separating the southern front and the northern and eastern front in the governorate.


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