As-Sawwaf, a family makes rugs for more than 400 years

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Every morning, the 70 years Abu Hanafi opens the doors of his small shop, eastern Gaza, to display the finest and best types of carpets and wool, the elegance of which has increased when weaved by especial Palestinian hands. As-Sawwaf has been working in the wool industry for more than 6 decades, following the steps of his ancestors, which has been working in wool for around 4 centuries, and from this industry, the family acquired their sir name “As-Sawwaf” (The Weavers). Making hand-made rugs and carpets is an ancient traditional industry in Palestine, inspired by the Bedouin and rural life.

Meanwhile, Abu Hanafi pointed out the impact of the arrival of “Moquette” and new commercial carpets over the ancient one; however, he states that people started understanding the elegance and originality of the woolen rug and thus they buy it as they realized its better quality in comparison with a commercial one.


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