Expert: Generational displacement is the Iraqi parties’ method to run for parliamentary elections


The traditional political powers and parties in Iraq attempt to find a new way to stay at the forefront of the political scene, as it used to be since 2003. According to Iraqi political experts, from the multi-district law to the rise of new youth political movements and currents, the acts of the traditional parties differed in their way to get rid of any trace of those elections from the aim with which they have been set. Experts believe that one of the new terms imposed on the politics is the “generational displacement” through which the parties seek to market themselves again, and it finds acceptance in the Iraqi street who rejected these powers and parties through demonstrations that lasted for months. The “generational displacement” means that there is a new generation that works to eliminate an old one, even though it is a motive for demonstrations in Iraq, remains incomplete especially when you find that the traditional parties are the ones who promote this term and spreading it among people.

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