Iranian militias drive Syrian army soldiers to dodge compulsory service

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Some of the recent defectors pointed out the Iranian militias, located in Syria, have derived those who recently joined the Syrian army to defect due to their dominance over the major authorities in the country, whereas others dodged from serving in the army for financial reasons, and their concerns of falling victim to the fights between their people. The defectors, who have recently reached the Syrian opposition-dominated areas, northern Syria, stated that they had contacted the “Syrian Center for Safety and Defection,” near Idlib’s factions, and the center secured a way for them towards the city. They mentioned the reasons for their defection to the favoritism among elements of Iranian militias and Syrian army’s soldiers as well as the high financial expense that haunts them to remain within the boundaries of the Syrian government. It should be noted that this month, 40 Syrian government army soldiers have defected, reaching Idlib, northwestern Syria.

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