“Al-Faqih “, old lady protects an endangered legacy in her mud hut

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Aamina al-Faqih arranges her archaeological collections daily with her wrinkled hands in her hut that is made of mud, which goes back for decades in Al-Tuffah neighborhood, northern Gaza. Many collectibles that used to be used in wars, trade, and domestic life, decorate the walls of the hut and despite that she lives in a modern house, she insists on walking every day to her hut even being 85 years old to preserve the heritage of her ancestors that bear history, identity, and past. she points out that the purpose of the existence of this house is to re-spread the culture and awareness of the heritage, to preserve it from loss as she owns pieces that have exceeded 90 years. She along with her children attempts to pass on the house and its possessions to the younger generations so that the memories remain alive with them throughout the years.

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