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Vietnam calls for an end to the violence in the West Bank

Ambassador Đặng Đình Quý, Head of the Permanent Mission of Vietnam to the United Nations, expressed concern about the ongoing violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, particularly in the West Bank, two months after the ceasefire…

Billion baht to relief aid and focus on education

Government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said that the cabinet has approved an additional 23 billion baht to fund additional national Covid19 assistance programs, which include donating 2,000 baht to parents for each child.

The King of Thailand pardons prisoners

On the 69th birthday of His Majesty the King, more than 200,000 prisoners received royal pardons, including 35,000 prisoners on parole, they are to be freed to mark royal birthday.

FM of Mongolia and FM of China hold official talks

Mongolian Foreign Minister B. Battsetseg held official talks with the State Councilor and Wang Yi in the city of Tianjin on July 27. Bilateral relations and regional and international cooperation between China and Mongolia. Understanding…

The Belt and Road Initiative in Mongolia

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) -and specifically, the China-Mongolia-Russia-Economic Corridor (CMREC)- promises to facilitate trade between Mongolia and its neighbors, as well as granting Mongolia access to overland routes to the…