Ex-Italian PM: France and US Downed Plane to Assassinate Gaddafi

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In a recent interview with La Repubblica, former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato dropped a bombshell regarding the tragic Itavia Airlines crash of 1980. Amato posits a grave accusation: France and the United States, in a bid to assassinate Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, were behind the passenger plane’s demise.

A Failed Plan and an Accidental Victim

According to Amato, the plot was conceived to target a plane on which Gaddafi was traveling. “A plan had been launched to hit the plane on which Gaddafi was flying,” Amato revealed.

However, the plan went awry. It’s alleged that the Libyan leader was tipped off by former Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi, allowing him to escape unscathed.Amato alleges: “The most credible version is that of the responsibility of the French Air Force, with the complicity of the Americans.They wanted to kill Gaddafi, flying on a Mig of his air force. The plan envisaged simulating a NATO exercise, a ruse that would have let the attack be misinterpreted as a regrettable mishap.”This tragic error resulted in the missile, purportedly aimed at Gaddafi’s Mig, striking the Itavia Airlines’ DC9 instead.

Amato strongly asserts that “the missile dropped against the Mig ended up hitting the DC9. The prevailing theory is that this missile was discharged by a French fighter.”

An Unwavering Call for Justice

Four decades have passed since the Ustica tragedy, and the victims’ families still await justice.

Urging French President Emmanuel Macron to stop “hiding the truth”, Amato passionately declares, “After 40 years, the innocent victims of Ustica have not received justice. Why continue to shroud the truth? The moment has arrived to illuminate a horrific state secret.Macron has the power to reveal it, and so does NATO.”Amato concluded his explosive revelations with a plea: “Who knows now, speak: it would be a tremendous service to the victims’ families and to history.”Although there have been several investigations and inquiries over the years, the real cause behind the DC9 tragedy remains enveloped in mystery and conjecture.

As Amato alluded to Bettino Craxi’s role in warning Gaddafi, he added, “I learned later, but without evidence, that it was Craxi who alerted Gaddafi. Revealing this would have posed a risk to Craxi, potentially leading to accusations of disloyalty to NATO and espionage”.

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