Poll suggests most Asian, Black people in UK face regular discrimination

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A new report has revealed that more than two-thirds of Black and Asian people in the UK face racial discrimination in their daily lives, the Metro reported.

The study by British Future, a think tank, explored British public attitudes on race, identity, and bias, using polling data covering almost 2,500 people, including 1,000 from an ethnic minority background.

The polling was conducted by Focaldata in March and April.

Though 80 percent of ethnic minority participants said that the UK was a better place to live for minorities than the US, Germany, and France, 67 percent said that they still faced discrimination in Britain on a daily basis.

When White British participants were asked if the UK was a better place to live for minorities compared to other major Western countries, 73 percent reckoned the statement was true while 27 percent did not.

But when asked if it was easier to “get on” in Britain if you were white, 48 percent of white British respondents and 60 percent of ethnic minority participants said that they believed it was.

And more than half of all respondents said that Britain’s political and media culture had become more divisive and polarized, including on racial issues, which two-thirds of people said should involve a less-heated debate.

On Britain’s progress on racial issues over the last 25 years, 68 percent of ethnic minority participants and 71 percent of white respondents said that the country had made “significant” changes.

However, a majority of all respondents — 64 percent of white Britons and 80 percent of minority groups — agreed with the statement that Britain “needs to make much more progress on race in the next 25 years.”

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