Kuwait’s Q8 to build first hydrogen refueling station in Rome

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Italy’s energy transition plans received a further boost as Kuwait Petroleum International, also known as Q8, laid the foundation for Rome’s first circular hydrogen refueling station in collaboration with Maire Group.
To be located on Rome’s ancient road Via Ardeatina, the refueling station will have the capacity to supply up to about 700 kg of hydrogen per day for light and heavy vehicles, for both public and private transport. The circular hydrogen service station will ensure a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 75 percent compared to the use of conventional diesel, according to a press release.
The station will facilitate about 100 km of travel using 1 kg of hydrogen fuel for small vehicles and 8 kg for large buses.
The installation aligns with the country’s objective of creating a sustainable transport network by funding hydrogen and renewable energy projects.
“Q8 Italy seeks to transform from a conventional fuel provider into a diversified energy company within the framework of its energy transformation strategy,” said Fadhel Al-Faraj, executive director of Q8 Italy, in a statement.
He added: “We welcome all sustainable products as they help us achieve our first goal, which is to respond to the needs of our customers, thus preserving our market share. Our second goal is to establish a sustainable supply network for future vehicles in Italy.”
The hydrogen refueling project would be financed equally among the partners and the EU’s Fund for Future Generations.
The move is a part of Q8’s strategy to offer its customers a range of clean and sustainable petroleum products made from renewable raw materials.
“Italy is considered the most important European market for the company due to the volume of its operations there: over 2,800 fueling stations in addition to the Naples Depot and the Milazzo refinery,” said Q8 CEO Shafi Al-Ajmi.
“We will continue to implement Kuwait Petroleum Corp.’s approach to the energy transition for the year 2050 by supporting the global movement to reduce harmful gas emissions in all our global operations,” he noted.
Q8 is the international subsidiary of KPC.
The refueling station will use a technology solution developed by MyRechemical, a subsidiary of NextChem, for the conversion of non-recyclable waste into circular hydrogen. It will be produced in the first waste-to-hydrogen plant in Italy, that Maire is developing in Rome as part of the EU project.
At the launch event, Maire and Q8 also signed an agreement to jointly evaluate the development and implementation of further projects integrating waste-to-chemical technology into the scope of innovative energy carriers in Italy.
The announcement was made at a ceremony attended by leaders from Italy’s energy and transport sectors and company representatives.
Meanwhile, Q8Aviation, the aviation fuel marketing arm of Q8, gained a significant contract last month to supply and market jet fuel at Melbourne Airport in Australia.
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