Japan says N. Korean missiles landed in its economic waters

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Two ballistic missiles fired by North Korea landed in waters within Japan’s exclusive economic zone on Thursday, a Tokyo defense ministry official told reporters.

The zone extends up to 200 nautical miles from Japan’s coast, beyond the limits of its territorial waters.

“Two ballistic missiles fell inside the EEZ,” said Kimi Onoda, parliamentary vice-minister of defense.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said there were no reports of damage, after South Korea’s military announced the latest in a string of banned weapons tests by Pyongyang.

“Today’s launches violate relevant UN Security Council resolutions and are a reckless act which escalates provocations against the international community,” Kishida told reporters.

Japan has “lodged a firm protest against North Korea,” he added.

Two weeks ago, Japan briefly activated its missile alert warning system for the southern Okinawa region when Pyongyang made what it called a failed attempt to put a satellite in space.

North Korean state media said the satellite had crashed into the sea soon after launch, as an “accident occurred” during its flight.

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