GCC chief praises Gulf countries’ efforts to combat illegal drug trade

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The head of the Gulf Cooperation Council said GCC countries are making a significant effort to combat illegal drugs, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Thursday.

GCC Secretary-General Jasem Albudaiwi was speaking on the occasion of UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which is observed on June 26 each year.

Fighting drugs required effective international cooperation and the combined efforts of governmental and civil agencies and individuals, he said.

GCC countries were committed to strengthening coordination in order to stop the movement of smugglers and establish mechanisms for limiting drug supply and demand, he added.

The council also sought to help drug addicts by providing them with treatment options and reintegrating them into society, Albudaiwi said.

The establishment of the GCC Criminal Information Center to Combat Drugs in 2008 exemplified member nations’ collaborative efforts to counter illegal drug trafficking, he added.

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