Egyptian parliament approves hosting headquarters of the African Space Agency

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Egypt’s House of Representatives has approved an agreement for the country to host the headquarters of the African Space Agency, which was signed in Cairo in January.

The deal aims to promote and implement policy and strategy in the field of space, and to enhance the activities of employing technologies and their applications to accelerate the processes of economic and sustainable development and improve the well-being of African citizens.

The House of Representatives said the agreement contributed to supporting the space industry in Egypt, and that it would have a prominent role in aiding the national economy by helping and stimulating small industries related to space technology.

The African Space Agency’s satellite data will also contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals and work toward Africa’s Agenda 2063.

The establishment of the African Space Agency is a step toward achieving knowledge-based development in Africa.

The Egyptian Cabinet approved the decision to host the headquarters of the African Space Agency in May.

It said that the decision would enable Egypt to have a strong and effective presence in the field of space science in Africa, especially given its advanced technologies in this field.

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in February 2019 that the country had succeeded in its quest to host the African Space Agency after competing with Ethiopia and Nigeria for the honor.

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